The Restaurant

Since 1960 Corb Marí has welcomed many customers who have been impressed with the location and the cuisine we offer. Try our authentic and exquisite cuisine that alternates classic dishes with contemporary ones but without losing that Mediterranean essence.
We have a wide selection of highest quality meats: steaks, entrecote, ox sirloin, rabbit, pork, sausages, marinaded meats, with the right amount of fat, for discerning tastes. As an alternative to meat, we have a selection of fish and seafood.
The oak is the most common tree in the Mediterranean area. The wood is very hard and it was used for many years to make charcoal in our Tramuntana Mountains. By burning this wood and using local herbs and spices, our dishes have that Mediterranean essence.
An unforgettable moonlit night. The calmness of a location without traffic, great for kids. The Mediterranean breeze to cool a summer midday or the sun warming a spring day. The reasons to enjoy our terraces are many and varied.
20 tables with room for 80 people, with a service that meets our clients’ expectations. That’s our restaurant. A landmark restaurant in the Port of Pollença at your service.
We have the first and only Josper chicken roaster in all of Mallorca Our “pollo a l’ast” (spit-roasted chicken) is grilled slowly, leaving it perfectly crunchy and roasted on the outside, with an unbeatable texture and juiciness. It can also be ordered to takeaway.